ISB Video Essay Tips – Create A Top-Notch PGP Application Video

isb-video-2012-pgp-intake-tipsThe Video Related Question for ISB 2013 Intake: Life to me is… (Please complete the following statement in your own words on Video, 90 Seconds/15 MB)

Lets take a moment here to understand why the ISB PGP committee is having you do this?

  • With an ever increasing number of applicants, it becomes cumbersome to judge your case completely just by (A) You profile/resume (B) Essays (These can be edited over and over again by you) (C) Recommendations (These are again a complementary assessment tool)
  • What they seek is a face to the application
  • The only other way to “See” the actual applicant is the interview: And with an ever rising number of applications, a much more efficient way would be the video

What will be assessed through the ISB App. video, in our opinion

  1. Your communication skills and energy levels (Obvious, right?)
  2. Attitude
  3. Passion

So here are some tips to get you started

  • This is an important application element: The video is your live, direct connect to the admissions team – It can’t get any better that this! (especially if presentation and communication skills are your strengths). So taking it seriously is much advised.
  • Link your video content to the most important points running through the first 3 essays (strengths, goals, how you could contribute to the campus and the like)
  • Your Opening and Concluding statements are most important: These re the ones that are “maximally recalled/impactful”  in visual judgements.
  • Focus on a very creative opening: out-of-the-ordinary (Cues: Starting with your qualifications, job title etc. is going to be mundane unless you have a very powerful 20-minute elevator pitch. We are 101% sure that a good portion of applicants will proceed with this flow. Now imagine the assessors boredom!).
  • PASSION: This is an important cue. Focus on passions that could be work-related or hobbies – in a sequence that you are comfortable with. (Let’s now “change the world” here, though – it’s trite since a decade!)
  • Text elements can be used in videos – but very limited words are advised (30-40% of a typical PowerPoint presentation ). Please remember that any text and/or special effects will divert attention from you. However, the exception could be the case of a graphics designer or even a technologist sharing his passionate creation!
  • Dress smart, sharp and formally. You could be an expert scuba-diver but opening with a scuba-diving suit right at the beginning will not be a perfect idea! However, the video’s 2nd phase could transition to it.
  • Again these are broad guidelines and we hope they will prevent you from possible pitfalls and generate the right thought-pattern for this very interesting pitch-of-a-lifetime.

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To your success,
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