ISB’s Video Upload for PGP Application – Official Guidelines

Indian School Of Business ISB Video GuidelinesReproduced as-is from a recent mailer from ISB

1. What will the video essay assess?
The video essay enables us to assess your thought process, your communication and articulation skills.

2. Can I make the video creative?
The content of the video is as important as is the necessity for you to be present in the video yourself. You may include creative elements if you think it will help you highlight your strengths and unique qualities.

3. Can I use props or animations in the video?
You may use limited props or animations if you feel that it may add value to your video content and your message is conveyed effectively. However, there are no brownie points for the same.

4. Do I need to be present in video?
Yes, it’s compulsory that you should appear in the video.

5. Does it have to be a high quality production video?
No, the video can be shot on your simple digital camera, web-cam or even your mobile phone. The only requirement is that the video should be visible and the audio must be clear.

6. What should be the language used in the video?
The language of the video has to be compulsorily ENGLISH. Videos shot in any other language will not be accepted. The programme is delivered in English and therefore, we expect the candidate to communicate in the same language.

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