Sample Resumes For MBA Admission

"mba-admissions-application-resumes-image"Top 3 Pointers for building a world-standard Resume’ for Business school applications.

  1. The difference between a “Resume'” and a “CV”: A Resume’ is highly professional, concise and  accomplishment focused while the CV may carry other personal details such as “date of birth” and the like.
  2. A typical B-school resume is 1-page in length: The maximum is 2 – 3 pages (3 pages will actually be an overflow)
  3. Accomplishments and NOT  “responsibilities/JDs” matter: Business school applications almost always have separate sections where you can include details of your job title and the like. Unless, specifically asked for in your application, including detailed responsibilities may actually work against you.

Sample Business School Resumes

(By applicant background)









39 Thoughts on “Sample Resumes For MBA Admission

  1. Stacey Robbins on October 5, 2016 at 2:49 AM said:

    Hi Team,

    I am planning to pursue MBA from Hult international business school. As a part of process I need to write an effective resume and essays. It will be very helpful to me if I get some guidance on the Application Essay writing and resume.

    Thanks, Stacey

  2. Dear Sirs,

    I would uregntly need your help in writing my CV for MBA applications in UK- background in Art, relevant and succesful work experience in business development, first class honours degree.
    Can we please talk via email/phone/skype?
    Thank you

    • Greetings Angelica: Thanks for the post and specifying your requirement. Since your email is the only contact we have, we have responded through the same right away. You can also contact us at the respective locations anytime or via skype at “mbaadmit” (Toll Free worldwide). Thanks, David

  3. Aparajita Mishra on August 29, 2016 at 2:56 AM said:

    Dear MBA Admission Gurus:

    I have scored 740 (Q 50, V40, IR 7) in the GMAT.

    As a next step I need to write the application essays and I am struggling with that part as I do not have much time for the first round applications for most colleges. It will be very helpful to me if I get some guidance on the Application Essay writing area.

    I have applied to the below colleges in the GMAT :
    Harvard Business School (I am keeping it for the second round) MIT Sloan , UCLA Anderson, Kellogg School of Management, Yale university.


  4. Hi,

    I am looking for a job right now but earlier i have the experience of 6 years in the management line eg. i worked as a telecaller in the starting of my career and worked as a team supervisor also. Then i took the break of 3 years now i want to continue my studies as well as job also. But i want to apply for the Full time MBA From UK.

    Can you help me get the admission ?


  5. Faicil James on June 28, 2015 at 8:44 AM said:

    Dear MBA Admission Gurus,
    I dropped out of Engineering to follow my passion in agriculture and dairy and formed a company in 3rd year of my college. We succeeded at a new business model regarding organic farming and all.

    I have 6+ years experience in my field and am now looking forward to continue my studies with an MBA from UK. Please advise me on building my Resume.

    Faicil James

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