Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) For MBA In Supply Chain Management (SCM)


Early-on, as a teenager, I would accompany my father (Partner, ABC Corporation) during various factory visits. His liberal encouragement towards relating to a variety of personnel and learning about operations made me realize my passion for improvising manufacturing “business systems”. Read More of this Sample MBA-Supply chain management SOP

After completing my graduation (mechanical engineering) and Masters (Engineering Management), I took charge as an IT (1) implementation specialist for “services organizations” such as New York Department of Health. My “system mapping” made it possible to guide core technologists towards customizing high-end computer software for clients. I could succeed at change management through numerous client trainings/interactions often involving very senior professionals. In February 2009, I joined ABC Corporation – a US$ 18Mn-valued, professionally run, family business. Starting as management trainee, I have optimized various supply-chain and processing activities resulting in greater workforce motivation and record cost efficiencies. I currently lead a handpicked, hierarchical 10-member team.

An international-scale responsibility in managing operations for transnational glass producers such as Pilkinton, PPG or Guardian thus becomes a natural progression and near-term goal towards growth at this point. I will thus add value to complex, worldwide glass production operations and the associated supply chain. Three years post-MBA, I hope to manage a glass-product innovation and commercialization business as product manager. It will facilitate my long term goal (5-6 years post MBA) of starting backward integration (from “Glass processing” to production) at Fuso through a range of specialized “float glass” products. I hope to form a Joint-Venture with a global brand to launch quality and reasonably priced products in the Indian market.

A global M.B.A program is a crucial preparation ground that will enable understanding at an international, cross-functional level of complexity. It will sharpen entrepreneurial instincts and develop a structured approach towards ideation and execution planning.

The Weatherhead MBA program’s “LEAD” Approach of “self-evaluations” to locate “leadership and learning capacities” will channelize my strengths and improve weaker areas. It will also enhance interpersonal skills in the backdrop of an international cohort. The “manage by designing” and “sustainable enterprise” approach well-resonates with belief in win-win business ecosystems. In addition to a cutting-edge core curriculum, specialist courses such as A, B and C will establish a sound foundation in my chosen focus area.

A premier business school, Weatherhead provides the platform to learn from faculty, guest speakers and alumni from across the world. The school’s corporate network brings in possibilities of internship and/or employment with leading industrial entities. It is thus my most preferred destination an MBA.

(1) IT – Information Technology

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