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  1. Saud Ahmed AL-Junaibi
    July 13, 2014

    Dear MBAadmissionGURUS,

    I am planning to apply for an executive MBA and have BS in Civil engineering with 4 years experience in Oil and GAS sector. Also I have my on company experience as General Manger .

    The MBA application requests further information:
    “Please Tell us about yourself and your reasons for wanting to study this course”

    Please guide.



    • MBA Admission GURUS
      July 13, 2014

      Dear Mr. Saud Ahmed,

      Good day. Per our email exchanges, we have attempted a few calls on the number you have provided.

      Meanwhile, we will go ahead and respond to your question below:

      1. The first part is mainly focused on “career progress till date”. The ideal content for this would be more towards how you started your career, the intermediate achievements (This has to be done very specifically) and how you have reached your current designation”
      2.The 2nd part should talk about very specific career goals – with specific job titles you aim for after MBA (immediately and long term) and the value you will add to your employers
      3.Finally, the 3rd part must have very specific details about the program that will help you achieve your goals

      Hope this helps. We can assist you in building this document with our customized service. IF you also need help with Resume and recommendation letters, we have discounted special packages.

      Do let us know

      For MBA admission Gurus


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