Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) For Entrepreneurship executive MBA


As a 13-year-old, I realized my passion for adventure when I crossed the Atlantic Ocean (a 400-mile single lap journey) on a small coastal freighter (1). Over time this passion was channelized through entrepreneurship. My first company “did roaring business” for ##-years providing in-vogue sunglasses at ABC college and funded most of my college tuition.

In 1985, I incorporated ABC Inc. to cater to a clear need for better shipping consignment handling services in the South Florida coastal zone. We were the first to operate a non-union stevedoring (2) company in the Port of DEF (Florida) in 50 years. We were also the first to take a multinational corporation, Dole Fresh Fruit, from a union to a non-union terminal and a stevedoring operation.  With $0.5 Mn. in capital, we grew to a 100-strong organization with $ 10Mn onwards in annual revenues and $5 Mn. in engineering assets. Mid-way in 1990, DEF, was launched as a synergistic allied company for shipping-transportation services. We gained maximum traction with many firsts to our credit: a simple, customer-friendly service packages and operations capable of handling both consumers and high-volume enterprises. Collectively, we crossed the $70 Mn. mark and with clients across a variety of industries.

By the age of 34, my increased interest in health and fitness (first marathon at age 38, personal best of 3:13 min.) drew my attention to various lacunae in our healthcare industry. XYZ, Inc. was thus formed in August 2003. The first venture launched 4 innovative insurance plans that eased insurance payments by offering insurance as a “a’ la-carte” product. With “risk-adjusted” annual savings of $ 200   per subscriber, my minuscule investment grew to $2 Mn./year in revenues and with sound profit margins. This 2-employee venture operates through 500 resellers and a myriad of sub-contracted functions (reference: Org. chart). Our current incubate XYZ, Inc. is a disruptive innovation promoting price transparency and allowing consumers to share fees charged by healthcare providers.

With the above track record of singularly being able to convert market gaps to viable enterprises, I aim towards being building PE – funded businesses and scale them to the publicly-funded stage and beyond. My near-term goal post-MBA is thus to gestate and expand the “ABC” disruptive-innovation business model through such funding. This venture will fuel my vision of providing reasonably-priced healthcare services in the United States market. In the Long Term (5-7 years post-MBA), I will continue to locate viable opportunities and establish similar leading-edge ventures to absolve challenges in similar highly-regulated healthcare economies.

This M.B.A program forms an important step towards actualization of my current goals. At a generic level, this program will further enhance my instincts and develop a structured approach towards identifying market gaps, refining business and product ideas and developing robust implementation plans. It will broaden perspectives and enable foundational learning at a diverse, international level of enterprise complexity and with deep insights on strategic and tactical issues. I also hope to gain insights on fostering the best organizational systems and cultures.

From the functional standpoint, I seek a stronger working knowledge of corporate finance, company valuation and other such areas. This is critical to my planned transition from private-enterprise thinking to stock-price-governed equity funding.

ABC is a premier business school with students, faculty, guest speakers and alumni from across the continents. Classroom discussions, collaborative assignments and hands-on projects (Business Applications and Strategic Management Project, Project Seminar and International Session) in such a setting will widen my thought process with exposure to multiple approaches proposed for a given challenge. It will also enhance competencies of operating and leading in a transnational environment.

I value the fact that this education does not stop at the classroom but continues through relationships that are built with professors, classmates and alumni of the PKE MBA program. The school’s alumni network is one of the strongest in the United States – a definite social capital for both near and long term. It is thus my most preferred destination for pursuing an Executive MBA program.


(1) Freighter: A Cargo Ship that transports cargo, supplies, or goods
(2) Stevedoring: Mechanized (often with usage of heavy engineering equipment) loading or unloading of ship cargo

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  1. Saud Ahmed AL-Junaibi on July 13, 2014 at 12:30 AM said:

    Dear MBAadmissionGURUS,

    I am planning to apply for an executive MBA and have BS in Civil engineering with 4 years experience in Oil and GAS sector. Also I have my on company experience as General Manger .

    The MBA application requests further information:
    “Please Tell us about yourself and your reasons for wanting to study this course”

    Please guide.


    • Dear Mr. Saud Ahmed,

      Good day. Per our email exchanges, we have attempted a few calls on the number you have provided.

      Meanwhile, we will go ahead and respond to your question below:

      1. The first part is mainly focused on “career progress till date”. The ideal content for this would be more towards how you started your career, the intermediate achievements (This has to be done very specifically) and how you have reached your current designation”
      2.The 2nd part should talk about very specific career goals – with specific job titles you aim for after MBA (immediately and long term) and the value you will add to your employers
      3.Finally, the 3rd part must have very specific details about the program that will help you achieve your goals

      Hope this helps. We can assist you in building this document with our customized service. IF you also need help with Resume and recommendation letters, we have discounted special packages.

      Do let us know

      For MBA admission Gurus

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