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Marshall MBA Essay Sample 1 – A Challenging International Experience

The question above reminds me of my first business travel to South Korea. I was a part of a ABC  on a special assignment to help execute the company’s first major contract (“1xEVDO”) in South-East Asia. The agreement with the client entailed the test launch of a product and then a scale-up to greater volumes – should the test be successful. The client was known to be very demanding and rigid. Read More of this sample MBA essay on challenging international experience

Marshall MBA Essay Sample 2 – Entrepreneur You Admire

The entrepreneur that I admire the most is Mr. William Henry ‘Bill’ Gates, the co-founder and chairman of Microsoft Corporation. Mr. Gates has been the richest man in the world for a substantial number of years and with a brand Microsoft ® that reaches out to almost every computer in the world. I admire him because of the following four abilities:

  1. Vision: A true visionary, Mr. Gates has a vision for the emerging demand of products. Microsoft was thus among the first ‘purely software products’ companies that were launched. He realized that with the advent of personal computing, a range of computer programs would be required to automate and streamline various tasks. Read More of this sample MBA essay on role-model entrepreneur

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