Stanford MBA Essay – On Surpassing Expectations

Tell us about a time when you went beyond what was defined, established or expected.

I can relate to my tenure at ABC Inc. where my initial responsibility was that of a new product developed manager. The exciting opportunity of conceptualizing and positioning the ABC brand (known more in the institutional-investor segment) in the retail investor space (B2C) brought in tremendous enthusiasm.

When the case for launching the new fund rankings business was presented internally, the senior management team at ABC had estimated the revenue potential at just one fifth of what was delivered over the next 4 years. The start-up unit was profitable within a year of operations, formed 5% of the group revenue and grew to be an established brand.  The pioneering “ABC Fund Services” business became a success with the launch of “Composite Performance Rankings” (CPR).

The unexpected or rather “unfathomed” level of growth did not happen overnight. We moved the benchmark to the higher level whenever one was achieved. Our partnership deal with ABC for the annual “CNBC-ABC Inc. Best Fund Awards” brought to life the prestigious mutual fund awards event in India. The GRP and TRP ratings for this event are but a testimony of the lasting impact on the ABC brand. The achievements lead to my promotion to the Head of sales and marketing from a product development role, in a short 2 year span.

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