Rotterdam School of Management – Favourite Hobby Or Sport MBA Essay

Describe your favorite hobby, pastime or sport and explain how it reflects your personality

I believe that one’s hobby is a close reflection of one’s passion. I believe that the hobby has to be so involving, enjoyable and enlivening that one may be involved in it for hours together – and not just with the prospect of gain alone.  I can thus relate to two such areas I am most passionate about.

As a professional, my passion is to establish new benchmarks of excellence in execution. Much of my action and thought is invested towards re-inventing the way projects are implemented and transitioning them to greater levels of output quality and speed. I gain tremendous satisfaction and self-esteem when I succeed at handling increasing levels of leadership responsibilities and delivering outstanding results. I also ensure that I add to the positive atmosphere at work, at home and in the lives of friends and close associates.

On the personal front, traveling appeals to me the most. It gives me immense pleasure and rejuvenates my energy levels. I ensure that I do find the time to travel to different places.   I believe that I am a fortunate citizen of one of the most diverse and multi-cultural countries on the planet. To date, I have visited a range of cities and locations spanning nearly half the length and breadth of India – I am yet to come across one place that is not unique in its cultures, tradition and the very social fabric.

My hobby has always been encouraged by my father wanted me to witness diversity at various levels. Over time, I have come to realize that it is this experience of interacting with a variety of people that has added to my emotional maturity.  In retrospect, my key observation has been that people of different countries, cultures and religions may be seem to be very different; however at fundamental level each of these man-made systems have major similarities. Be it the farmer in north India or the extreme south, both of them love their fields and will always look up to the monsoon rains. The businessman in Mumbai city is no different from the entrepreneur in terror-stricken Kashmir: both seek to grow their enterprises no matter how big the challenge.

Traveling also fulfills some other core needs. Firstly, it has a rejuvenating effect since it brings in an element of change. Secondly, it brings in fresh ideas and perspectives since physical distance does create some level of mental disconnect from the challenges or situation in daily life. As I distance myself from the problem, I am in a position to assess the problem in entirety and thus arrive at a creative solution.

Finally, as a rationalist, I always tend to believe more when I can witness it. Traveling has always reinforced my belief that there is always more to see and learn in life.

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