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Rotterdam MBA Essay Sample 1: Describe your favorite hobby, pastime or sport and explain how it reflects your personality

I believe that one’s hobby is a close reflection of one’s passion. I believe that the hobby has to be so involving, enjoyable and enlivening that one may be involved in it for hours together – and not just with the prospect of gain alone.  I can thus relate to two such areas I am most passionate about.

As a professional, my passion is to establish new benchmarks of excellence in execution. Much of my action and thought is invested towards re-inventing the way projects are implemented and transitioning them to greater levels of output quality and speed. I gain tremendous satisfaction and self-esteem when I succeed at handling increasing levels of leadership responsibilities and delivering outstanding results. I also ensure that I add to the positive atmosphere at work, at home and in the lives of friends and close associates. Read more of this MBA essay  on hobby

Rotterdam MBA Essay Sample 2: Describe the most difficult decision you have made and its personal effect.

The above question reminds of the month of November 2007 when I was entrusted with the task of further driving efficiencies in my department. Our companyhad (and continues to maintain) a strong reputation for manufacturing premium quality electric motors. However, changing market conditions in 2007 resulted in increased pressure on pricing. As a result, the focus was on achieving the required production at reduced operating costs.

Rotors are crucial components of such industrial motors and my department was responsible for their precision manufacturing. Once produced, these rotors would undergo a separate “Quality inspection” stage which consumed almost 20% of the total production time. I realized we could reduce this time and associated costs if operators in my team could “self-inspect” each of their assigned units. Read more of this MBA essay on most difficult decision

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