Purdue Krannert School of Management – Career Goals and “Why Krannert?” Essay Sample

Describe your career strategy and how a Krannert Master’s degree, at this time, will assist you in achieving your career goals.

Career Strategy

As an IT (Information Technology) professional with prior experience in leading large-scale projects  in the financial products/services domain, my immediate goal post-MBA is to gain a managerial role (IT projects) with core technology corporations such as ABC, BCD and CDE. This will enable me to lead the development of cutting computer applications/products for achieving a range of business goals – be it competitive advantage or cost savings or productivity gains. I will also be able to interact with clients to understand their specific business needs and adapt available technologies to develop software solutions. My long term goal (5-7 years post-MBA) is to grow to a Vice-President role with a technology corporation and develop innovative solutions for clients across various industries and geographies.

Value-Additions From The Krannert MBA Program

The Krannert MBA program is the first step towards the actualization of my career objectives.  Because of the cross-functional nature of their responsibility, IT project managers require both technical and business skills. The Krannert MBA will help me grasp such complexities and sharpen business acumen.

The school’s industry centric approach is evident from the hands-on classroom environment and the emphasis on team projects as also experiential learning. Management Information Systems (MIS) elective courses will establish a sound foundation in assessing available technologies and aptly deploying them to develop agile Information Systems or allied software products.  I also hope to equip myself with advanced analytical tools and techniques and develop a structured approach towards refining ideas and developing fail-proof implementation plans.

A premier business school with multiple levels of student diversity and excellence, Krannert provides the platform to interact with globally diverse student community and Alumni and learn cutting-edge business practices. It is thus my most preferred destination for pursing an MBA program.

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