Krannert School of Management at Purdue – MBA Essay Samples

Krannert MBA Essay Sample 1

Describe your career strategy and how a Krannert Master’s degree, at this time, will assist you in achieving your career goals. Limit your response to no more than 300 words.

Career Strategy: As an IT (Information Technology) professional with prior experience in leading large-scale projects  in the financial products/services domain, my immediate goal post-MBA is to gain a managerial role (IT projects) with core technology corporations such as ABC, DEF and XYZ. This will enable me to lead the development of cutting computer applications/products for achieving a range of business goals – be it competitive advantage or cost savings or productivity gains. I will also be able to interact with clients to understand their specific business needs and adapt available technologies to develop software solutions. My long term goal (5-7 years post-MBA) is to grow to a Vice-President role with a technology corporation and develop innovative solutions for clients across various industries and geographies. Read more of this sample MBA career goals essay

Krannert MBA Essay Sample 2

Krannert is a global and diverse program in many dimensions; explain how you feel your past experiences would contribute to the diversity and global experience of the Krannert classroom, teamwork, and leadership experiences. Limit your response to no more than 350 words.

The Krannert School of Management resonates with me due to a range of attributes that will ensure an optimal mix of professional and personal development. I am also very positive about contributing to the Krannert Community during my time at the campus and beyond. Value Addition to the classroom and teamwork experience

In my 4+ years of work experience, I have analyzed various business processes and actuated “error-free” automation. This has enabled me to gain working insights into the management of operations as also the nuances of ensuring that personnel actually use such sophisticated systems (managing change). I have also conceived faster procedures, developed detailed process manuals and instituted their usage in my teams. I can thus contribute to team projects and case study discussions through my understanding of managerial and “people issues” arising due to changes in corporate strategy/re-structuring. Read More of this sample essay on contributing during the MBA

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  1. Akshit Mohan on December 30, 2014 at 2:51 AM said:

    Hello MBAadmissionGURUS,

    I am looking for admission to the Purdue Full time MBA (2016 intake). My score is 640 (GMAT) and I have 4 years of experience in Information Tech. industry (also holding an Engineering degree)

    Pl. guide on prospects.


    • Greetings Akshit,

      Thanks for the post and for sharing your brief profile.

      It is usually difficult to generalize based on the basic information provided. It would thus be great if you could share your detailed resume for a deeper assessment. That said, prima facie, as an international applicant, you do need a higher GMAT for consideration at Purdue

      Hope this helps. For detailed assistance, pl. feel free to write back at [email protected]

      Wish you a superb 2015 ahead!
      David Fernandez

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    I really wanted to review full versions of some SOP for top MBA schools . Could you please send some sample SOP’s. Please let me know if I need to make any payment .


    Thanks for your time and support.


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