Indian School of Business – “3 years After ISB” Essay

Where do you see yourself 3 years down the line post-ISB

My career goals evolved right during my schooling years when my father would mentor me towards (a) developing as an all-rounder and (b) investing time to know what I was best at. The multi-tasking developed a certain degree of mental discipline; I was also quick to realize my passion for software technology and developed expertise in software languages (C++ and Java). After graduating with Rank #5, I have developed computer software for achieving a range of business goals – be it cost savings or productivity or competitive advantage. I have learnt to work with and lead teams and have innovatively re-aligned processes/workflow for swift execution.

As an IT professional with domain expertise in financial products/services, my immediate goal post-ISB is to gain a managerial role (IT projects) with multinational, core technology corporations such as ABC, BCD and CDE. Since the role would also involve significant customer interaction, I see myself transitioning to and succeeding at a business development responsibility within 3 years of the PGP. This will develop the required versatility for my long term goal (7-8 years post-ISB) of rising to a director/Vice-President role with a cutting edge technology startup and taking on the responsibility of scaling the business.

The PGP from ISB will prepare me extensively for this journey. It will foster cross-functional understanding of business, equip me with advanced analytical techniques and develop a methodical approach towards refining ideas and developing implementation plans.  ISB’s Leadership Development Program will foster interpersonal skills; pragmatic approaches such as the Global Consulting Practicum and the Experiential Learning Program will enable me to solve real-world business problems and apply my competencies.

This opportunity to learn and collaborate with the “Best of the Best” students, faculty and guest speakers makes the school a “Mecca” for my goals.


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