INSEAD – Sample MBA Essay On Current Employment Profile

Please give a detailed description of your job, including major responsibilities; and employees under your supervision, size of budget , number of clients/products and results achieved. 

With more than 4 years of success in managing increasing levels of responsibility at ABC, I have been currently assigned the responsibility of augmenting market share in the high revenue, corporate segment. As part of the Commercial Banking group, I am the single point of contact for such enterprise/corporate clientele’ and in charge of product development, marketing, sales and service operations pertaining to more than 20 financial services/products. I interface with more than 25 “strategic accounts” across various industry verticals such as Steel, Financial Institutions, Commodity Trading, Shipping, Manufacturing and Power distribution providing financing solutions – right from simpler “trade finance” to complex “structured products”. We are currently targeting a US$ 150 million (sales revenue) increase in the Trade Finance Business with a Fee Income (service fees) target of US$ 2 Million and a client deposit base of US$ 50 Million.

My team comprises of 3 customer service managers (responsible nationwide client operations) and 5 managers, each catering to specific local requirements in their respective territories.

Within 6 months of taking charge, I have steered the team towards an achieved Fee Income of US$ 1.2 million, (an amount higher than the Total Annual Income the year before) acquired 3 major clients with fee Income potential of US$ 1 Million and rejuvenated 6 “dormant” client accounts. The business that once suffered from diminishing client interest and below average customer satisfaction has been quickly turned around to a profit center.

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