INSEAD – Sample Essay On Career Evolution and Potential

Please give us a full description of your career since graduating from university. If you were to remain with your present employer, what would be your next step in terms of position? 

My career (after post-graduate studies) began with an initial clarity of my inclination towards the financial services industry. The privatization of Insurance in ABC (early 2000) brought the perfect opportunity to ABC Inc.  and match interest with growth. I thus joined the Fire and Engineering underwriting department ABC and was quick to pick up on the nuances of Insurance products. In less than 2 years, I was generating insurance premiums in excess of USD 1.3 Mn.

The opportunity to gain greater line management experience brought me to ABC in October 2005. As the Solution Manager, I had transitioned to sales – managing a team of 30 personnel and providing innovative Banking Solutions to Small and Medium (SME) enterprises. Steady and cross-functional growth followed as I was promoted as Regional Manager (July 2007) managing the product function for an entire state of DEF and was then as Zonal Manager (responsible for Western India territories). I lead the turnaround of a large-scale, complex business by innovating across every function – be it new product development, customer analytics, field sales or promotions.  Having proven my mettle in a relatively “volume” products (SME), I took charge of a high-end product line (large corporations) as Account manager.

If I were to remain with ABC, I see myself heading National-level Investment Banking responsibilities in the next 3 years and advising clients on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Capital Raising and Restructuring

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