IMD Business School, Switzerland – Leadership Essay Sample

Describe a situation where you had to demonstrate strong leadership skills. Explain how effective you were and what you learned.

On taking charge as Regional Manager (ABC Inc, July 2007), I found that a common customer complaint was the slow pace at which their Bank accounts were being opened. Restructuring this process implied extensive re-training and new workflows for more than ## personnel. Post-implementation, however, greater predictability of workload would benefit everyone involved.

With no other solution in hand, such changes were necessary. A 10-member team was deployed to streamline account-opening in early stages. Anticipating an overall resistance to change, I organized weekly team meetings with two objectives:  (a) To highlight the benefits to the company, customers and employees from the new process (b) The progress of the project, planned milestones and the increasing pace towards normalcy.

In less than 2 months, overall opinion shifted to admiration as our renewed operations started bearing fruit. Sales Revenues increased by 50% with a 60% reduction in “rejection rate” (higher productivity)

The dual approach of staying committed and maintaining open lines of communication worked wonders. The extra-ordinary success resulted in “Super Star” (2008) recognition for me and similar awards for my team at ABC.

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