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IMD MBA Essay Sample 1

Please Comment On a Situation Where You Failed To Reach An Objective and What You Learned From It

My initial few months with ABC Inc.  (As Solution Manager) brought in a series of exciting, yet, sharp learning curves: (a) Primarily a sales-driven organization, ABC focused intensively new customer acquisitions much in contrast with my earlier employer (b) Responsibility for much higher sales volumes and a larger team (30 personnel) which, in itself, was new to Banking. Read More of this MBA essay on failure

IMD MBA Essay Sample 2

Describe a situation where you had to demonstrate strong leadership skills. Explain how effective you were and what you learned.

On taking charge as Regional Manager (ABC Inc, July 2007), I found that a common customer complaint was the slow pace at which their Bank accounts were being opened. Restructuring this process implied extensive re-training and new workflows for more than ## personnel. Post-implementation, however, greater predictability of workload would benefit everyone involved. Read More of this MBA essay on leadership


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