IE (Instituto de Empresa) Business School – MBA Essay Samples

IE MBA Sample Essay 1: Which of your personal characteristics would you like to improve through the program?

  1. As a unique forum for collaborating with colleagues from across the continents, the educational endeavor will broaden my perspectives and foster high levels of cultural awareness. I will thus be able to fulfill my long cherished goal of comfortably relating to almost any culture in the world and thus enhance my team spirit and ability to succeed in a multinational corporation.
  2. I am also optimistic that the above experience will further enhance my Emotional Quotient, interpersonal and leadership skills as I interact with people of varied personality types. Courses such as “accelerate” and organizational behavior/human resources are a structured approach for strengthening this ability and will provide the right perspectives on forming and enlivening winning teams. The program will be an opportunity to understand the personal strengths of classmates, faculty and visiting business leaders and inculcate winning attitudes.
  3. I also hope to enhance my communication skills.  The program will have an intense focus on presentations to faculty, event judges and classmates hailing from across the world. I will thus fortify my skills in relating to diverse audiences and interestingly present complex business ideas/case study solutions. I consider this guided refinement a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity emerging as a further evolved person.

IE MBA Sample Short Essay 2: What are your personal and financial aspirations?

Personal: My most important personal aspiration is to be passionately involved in progression to increasing levels of intellectually challenging, value-adding activities. And as I do so I seek to create win-win ecosystems where my team members enjoy every moment of their work and grow with me. My personal vision is to thus grow in terms of wealth, social capital and personal capacity and at the same time maintain good levels of quality time with family. (The response to question 6. above further details other specific areas of personal growth that I hope to achieve during the MBA at IE)

Financial: My prime objective on the financial front is to ensure a strong financial backbone for me and my family, maintain quality living and also contribute to society.

  1. Over a 3 year window, my goal is to rise to a salary level of US$ at the minimum and growing.
  2. Over the long run, I also aspire to own at least two homes of with a combined market value in excess of US$ Mn.
  3. As I achieve these goals, I will also aspire create fixed income revenue streams be through real estate and investments in various financial instruments.
  4. In 3-5 years, I also hope to contribute at least ##% of my income towards funding (through reliable charitable institutions) the basic education of orphaned children in India.

To sum up, on the financial front I aim towards earning sufficient income to maintain a reasonable, balanced lifestyle, be on the positive side of the wealth chart and build-up assets (both tangible and intangible) to be proud of.


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