Columbia Business School – MBA Essay On Passion

Please Tell Us What You Feel Most Passionate About In Life.

I believe passion in one’s life is a derivative of an ever-changing Vision. And growth often happens when people and organizations keep revising their vision.

My deepest passion is to mitigate and manage “chaos” and bring efficient, value-adding systems to life. I feel excited when I come across an opportunity to bring in a stability and structure to a project, be it in my professional life or personal. It is exciting to perceive and assess variabilities and establish a state of order or method. The challenge of handling such “seemingly daunting” situations is more than compensated the joy of watching them turnaround!

Upon reflection, I find that my greatest moments of satisfaction came from conceiving, structuring and delivering an “idea” to a profitable, fast-growing enterprise. At ABC, an entire new business came to life with a range of products and services and more or less “self-managed” teams. A similar multi-tasking of creative, strategic thinking and planning and leading swift execution brought in tremendous levels of enthusiasm at ABC. Our business grew by 5 times in a year and the business was “established” towards profitable revenue streams. My fascination with “process – oriented” management brought me to ABC and my start-up business unit here has grown by ten times to $250 Mn. under management. Every morning on my way to work, I as yet, “revise” the vision for the business and my personal life.

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