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MBA Essay Sample 1: Please Tell Us What You Feel Most Passionate About In Life

I believe passion in one’s life is a derivative of an ever-changing Vision. And growth often happens when people and organizations keep revising their vision.

My deepest passion is to mitigate and manage “chaos” and bring efficient, value-adding systems to life. I feel excited when I come across an opportunity to bring in a stability and structure to a project, be it in my professional life or personal. It is exciting to perceive and assess variabilities and establish a state of order or method. The challenge of handling such “seemingly daunting” situations is more than compensated the joy of watching them turnaround! Read More of this sample MBA essay on passion

Essay Sample 2: Please discuss a time in your own life when you have identified and captured an opportunity

I can relate to an opportunity in the early stages of my career that was extensively capitalized upon. In the year 2000, I had joined ABC as a “New Product Development Manager”. The challenging yet exciting mandate given to me was to identify viable opportunities for ABC in the retail (Business to Consumer) investor space. A credit rating agency, ABC had been more of an institutional (Business to Business) brand. Read More of this sample MBA essay on opportunity

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