USC – Marshall School of Business – Sample MBA Recommendation By Current Supervisor

It gives me pleasure to write on behalf of ABC, who worked with me as Lead Engineer in the XYZ product of DEF. She worked with me for more than 5 years starting from Feb 2002 when she joined my team as a software engineer, till May 2007 when she decided to take a break from her career to assist her father in his business. And after that, too, I have been in constant touch with her as a mentor and a friend.

She has been a valuable asset to the company and has played a part in my success as well. She is a talented person with a strong sense of ownership towards assigned responsibilities.

ABC is technically very strong, and can quickly identify problem areas and present solutions to complex issues. She was also deputed on a special assignment to United States and South Korea to handle escalations. I still remember an instance when she was part of the core XYZ network upgrade team, and an upgrade was going on in the live customer mobile network in the United States. She was providing remote support from India. Due to some technical complications, the critical process failed. With her quick thinking and presence of mind, she came up with the solution and the upgrade was completed successfully and within the time limit. This not only brought her recognition in form of an award but also but saved the reputation and reliability of the Company.

ABC has demonstrated leadership skills at many instances, especially when her managers have not been available. She played a vital role as “mentor-lead” for members who would often look up to her. With her selfless nature, she sometimes went so far assisting others as to affect her own work. In a short while, she realized the disadvantages of this imbalance. Subsequently, she consciously made efforts to encourage others to grow without becoming too dependent on her. The sensitivity with which she tackled the issue – without alienating anyone – accentuated her sound set of values.

ABC was a team player who made every effort to help others in the face of tough deadlines. Reminds me of an instance when she was on vacation once and another team needed her support due to her expertise in an area. She very well understood her responsibility and made every effort to help the team even while on vacation. Due to her timely assistance, a critical errors in our computer software was averted which would have otherwise cost us dear.

ABC was quite popular among her co-workers as well. She connected well with others, thereby increasing trust and respect for herself. Ever receptive to new ideas and eager to share her learning, she encouraged a candid expression of thoughts which helped build a mutually enriching environment. She is an affable and cheerful person with a great sense of humor, which often came handy in complex business situations. An all-rounder, she also takes the lead and interest in various sociocultural events and activities.

I have observed a marked increase in her tactfulness – in handling sub-ordinates and peers alike. I have found her very receptive to feedback in every stage of her development and even now. I have also seen her mature over time and become mellower in her interactions with people. And I am sure it was a conscious approach on her part.

ABC thus comes highly recommended from me for an M.B.A. from your Business School. I am sure that she will excel as a student and contribute very positively to the campus. And I am positive that she will very soon grow to senior leadership roles in business.

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  1. Khaled El-Masri on October 16, 2015 at 3:15 AM said:

    Thanks. This is a very handy recommendation. Cheers!

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