Stanford GSB – Sample MBA Recommendation By Former Supervisor

Please describe your relationship to the candidate and  the circumstances under which you have known him.

I have known ABC since the year ####. ABC had been reporting to me During my tenure with DEF Inc. as the business head for Information and Risk solutions. At a very early stage of his career ABC showed great maturity in developing the Fund Services Business. He is an entrepreneur at heart with a demonstrated ability in building business units from ground-up

How is the candidate’s impact on your organization different from that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles?

ABC has great combination of strategic and operational execution abilities. Start-up business units under his management have delivered beyond expectations, considering the time span involved, revenue growth rates and revenue quality. He is one of the few employees who awarded a “Far Exceeds” rating in the year 2002. Typically far exceeds rating is awarded to only top 5% percentile of the employees at DEF. Amongst peer group I would place him in the top 5% percentile of the employees with similar work experience, education and level of responsibility.

What is the single thing you like most about the candidate?

ABC excelled as a leader, mentor and Team player. He has been a role model for sub ordinates and peers alike. His ability to form more or less “self-managed” cohesive teams was remarkable. He sings very well and has a fan club in DEF INC. as yet!

Please describe the most constructive piece of feedback you have given the candidate.

ABC was given significant job responsibilities at a relatively early age. At times, in a rapidly changing startup business environment he would find it difficult to prioritize amongst the various tasks at hand. There was a particular incident of an aggressive schedule for a product launch. With a small team and limited resources, ABC was responsible for managing several deliverables. While he handled the situation effectively, I brought in some finer points on documenting and prioritizing activities. Over the next few projects, I was impressed with his methodical approach and efficient management

Is there anything else about the candidate that you would like to share?

I strongly recommend him for admission to the Stanford MBA program. While learning, he will surely add value to the Stanford community through his knowledge, experience and ability to connect with people. There is a distinct possibility that over the long run he will setup his own enterprise

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