Rochester University, Simon School of Business – Sample MBA Recommendation By Current Supervisor

It is a pleasure to write on behalf of ABC who has worked with me as Deputy Manager- Mortgage Sales. I have known ABC since November 2006 when he joined my team as Assistant Manager. He has been an asset to the company and has played a part in my success as well. He is a talented manager with a strong sense of ownership towards assigned responsibilities.

ABC’s performance has been definitely outstanding in my opinion. He has the knack for understanding the business and U.S. market. His research in this field of mortgage combined with a structured approach towards prospecting has led him towards high levels of productivity. Rated the # 1 employee (FY 2007), he was well-respected by the team as a product expert. In our department, the average loan officer has an application-to-closing ratio of 40% and good performers have a success ratio of 60%. ABC’s closure rate exceeded 80% which has, as yet, been an unbroken record.

ABC has demonstrated leadership skills at many instances – especially when his managers have not been available. He played a vital role as “mentor-manager” for members who would often look up to him. Within a few days of his promotion as Deputy-Manager, he took charge of non-performing team from another deputy manager and led them towards turnaround performance in not more than 45 days. He was deputed on special assignment to the United States where he developed key business relationships with a network of realtors and also played a key role in setting up the operational base. During his stint in PA (U.S), he displayed exceptional commitment to our bottom-line by generating the highest revenue in the 6-member special project team.

ABC has a strong inclination towards analysis of reports and MIS data. His attention to detail is noteworthy. He can quickly identify problem areas and present solutions to complex operational and business issues. He is a person of unquestionable integrity as observed in his interactions with customers as also other instances. In a particular incident, he overheard some colleagues who were attempting to defraud the company by selling critical company data to a close competitor. His intervention saved the day when the matter was quickly reported to Human Resources.

Prior to joining XYZ, ABC had worked primarily in customer service roles and in a slightly different industry. This did bring in some initial concern about his ability to deliver. However, he was fast to pick up on the intricacies of financial sales and quickly evolved into a stellar performer. As he has grown up the ladder of responsibility, I have observed a marked increase in his tactfulness – in handing customers, sub-ordinates and peers alike. I found him very receptive to feedback in that area in the initial stages. I have also seen him mature over the last two years and become mellower in his interactions with people. And I am sure it was a conscious approach on his part.

ABC thus comes highly recommended from me for an M.B.A at Simon School of Business. I am sure that he will excel as a student and contribute very positively to the campus. And I am positive that he will very soon grow to senior leadership roles in business.

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