IE Business School – Sample MBA Recommendation By Current Supervisor

When did you meet the candidate for the first time and in what capacity have you known her/him?

I have known ABC since Oct. 2006 when I met him in an event organized by him on behalf of DEF. I am among his first clients during his tenure as Relationship Manager. Ever since, he has been a very trusted financial advisor and I value his opinion in all related spheres – be it my mortgages, investments, insurance or any kind of financial transactions.

What do you consider to be the candidate’s main strengths?

  1. Competence in his/her area of expertise: ABC always takes the time to understand my financials and suggest the perfect fit solution/financial instrument for needs. Right from Day One, I knew that he would manage my funds/investments with a clear sense of accountability. He is highly analytical and is always in touch with the pulse of the financial markets.
  2. Detail-oriented:  Adept with numerical and other market details, his financial planning and recommendations have been very meticulous and in-depth.
  3. Reliable and customer-centric: I noticed his integrity early-on. He has always suggested financial products/solutions which would exactly suit me and not always his revenue targets and is a mature professional who is well aware of the value of trust and long term reliability

What qualities does the candidate have that foster teamwork?

I found him performing exceedingly well in a team environment. He shares a very good rapport with his colleagues. I have always seen him smoothly sorting out issues/bottlenecks across other departments and ensuring that clients’ needs are meet effectively.  His persona combined with his knowledge and positive attitude attracts respect and admiration – with the ability to instill confidence in peers and team alike. Leadership potential was evident at early stages in his career when I found that his peers would often look up to him and seek his advice.

Why do you think the candidate can successfully compete with fellow students under the pressure of heavy workload?

I am sure that his natural inquisitiveness combined with very high levels of intelligence, determination and dedication will enable him to excel as a student even under stressful circumstances. I can recollect a couple of times when he made himself available way beyond working hours and ensured that the required was done. I can vouch for his work ethic and ability to retain composure in tough situations.

Additional comments

I champion his case for an MBA at IE Business School. I am very sure that he will be among the top performers and the most versatile on the campus and will very soon grow to senior leadership roles in business.

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