Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management – Sample MBA Recommendation By Current Supervisor

How long and in what capacity have you known the candidate?

I have known ABC since he joined DEF in August 2004.  He was hired as graduate trainee engineer. On successful completion of the stipulated training period, he was inducted as Operations and Maintenance Engineer.

What is your opinion of the candidate’s motivation and suitability for a career in management?

ABC is a self-motivated and responsible professional. He has a very positive attitude towards taking on challenges and adapting to change. He is always willing to learn, absorb and apply new areas of knowledge and is gifted with a sharp intellect. I foresee tremendous managerial and leadership success.

What do you consider as his or her principal qualities and weaknesses? 

In my opinion, Determination, Teamwork and Analytical Acumen are his key strengths. As for improvement areas, I did notice some impatience during his early career phase. However, he was very receptive to feedback. I am now pleased to see him handle a large team and complex production challenges.

Please comment on the candidate’s interpersonal skills.

He has the remarkable ability of understanding people and relating to them. As a team member, he is flexible, supportive and fosters an environment of trust in the team. He takes great efforts to train and develop his subordinates and is well respected by them. I have always found him receptive to feedback.

Please add any further remarks on the candidate that you consider relevant.

ABC’s experience and participation will add to the quality of discussions and projects during the MBA. I am sure he will excel as a student and grow to senior management roles in the industry.

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