Georgia Tech. College of Management – Optional MBA Essay Sample

Optional Essay

I request the admissions committee to consider the following details while considering the gap in my employment from June 2007 to Feb 2008.

My father, who owns a road construction business, faced a major financial crisis in early 2007. With little assistance from other quarters, the closure of the enterprise seemed imminent. It was then that I decided to join him full-time in his endeavor to bring the enterprise back to life.

I secured a loan and also invested a good portion of my savings to bid for a project. I worked with my father to develop a detailed business plan, took control of finances and maintained a watchful eye on cash flows. A strong computer infrastructure based on my experience was also established. I frequented the construction site to boost the morale of personnel and ensured that we were in touch with ground realities.

Our unrelenting efforts soon bore fruit and won us a contract.  The business started moving towards profitability within 7-8 months. I then decided to continue my career at ABC Inc. . As of today the company is US$1 Mn+ in annual revenues and employs more than 100 personnel.

It gave me tremendous satisfaction to have helped my father rejuvenate an enterprise dear to his very psyche.

The stint planted seeds for a career in business management. I thus plan to apply my product development experience (from ABC Inc. ), this exposure and the learning gained during the MBA to create similar success stories as a Technology Product Manager (post-MBA).

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