MBA Admissions Interview Preparation

"mba-admissions-interview-image"The MBA admissions interview is often the most important step towards reaching your dream program.

  • After significant efforts on the GMAT and admissions essays, you’ve finally reached a major window of opportunity.
  • The admissions committee now would want to speak to you in person before taking a call.
  • This calls for thorough preparation to boost your confidence.

Why We Stand Out

  • “Kill the Fear The Moment It is takes seed” – That is what we help you do
  • At times, we have followed rather unconventional exercises (the “no” exercise and many more such self-enhancement tactics) to  reduce your anxiousness
  • Last but not the least, ensuring complete “factual” readiness for standard and non-standard queries

Our Training Approach

  • Increasing the “difficulty level” of questions gradually
  • A bit of “over-preparation”: Ensuring the “highest gradient” well before you face the actual interview
  • Thus, we prepare you over a minimum of 3 meetings/tele-calls
  • Step 1: Training with a master set of 30 MBA admissions interview questions that prepare you at a general level for all business schools. Extensive personalized feedback is provided during this training
  • Step 2: Moderate level of difficulty “mock interview”. Specific feedback is provided after this interview.
  • Step 3: Highest gradient. Final preparation points are provided as feedback.
  • We will provide a key set of questions for the interview and answers to specific questions pertaining to your current Business school application
  • Required: Your Resume, Essays and Recommendation letters AND time investment from your end in terms of drafting “your version” of answers to the master set of 30 Questions.

 Free Tips for MBA Admissions Interview Success

16 Thoughts on “MBA Admissions Interview Preparation

  1. Rajiv Kumar Bindal on December 30, 2015 at 7:15 PM said:

    I have 14 years of experience in power plant industry and am presently working in BHEL. Now I am planning to go for 01 year full time MBA from European B schools.
    My GMAT score is 620 and I will reappear for the same in Jan’16 end.

    Pl advise me.

  2. Hello MBA Admission Gurus,
    How do I avail the free MBA Admissions consultation on my profile?


  3. Shivang Goel on December 31, 2014 at 9:07 PM said:

    Hello MBAadmissionGURUS,
    Is it beneficial to go for an MBA right after College , without work experience into early career MBAs etc?

    Is MSc in management (Grande ecole in HEC / ESSEC ) A good option in lieu of it?

    • Hi,

      While there are some schools in the world that do take in freshers, we do not advise on making such moves.

      American and European MBA programs have a clear 2-year-minimum work experience requirement and it is well-justified.

      Hope this helps,

  4. Sravani on August 23, 2014 at 9:58 PM said:

    Greetings MBA Admission Gurus,
    I am planning to applying to top 10 Business Schools.
    I have already attended interview at one of the b schools and could not make it.

    Kindly help me in getting trained for B-school interview.

    My profile at a glance:
    – Chemical engineer
    – More than 5 years of work experience in marketing

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hello Sravani,
      Thank you for the patronage. MBA Admissions interviews can be quite rigorous and do need a week of preparation. We conduct (A) Training (B) Level I Difficulty Trial Interview and finally (C) Level II Difficulty Trial Interview. The step (C) is conducted usually by a Ivy league MBA passout candidate and lasts for 40-45 minutes with 20 minutes of feedback. For the training, a master set of 30-35 questions is provided. These questions prepare you for ANY MBA interview. Rest assured, our approach actually ensures that you are “over-prepared”

      We have responded to you via email. Do share your contact number with us or pl. feel free to dial our hotline for immediate assistance. Cheers! Haresh, MBAadmisionGURUS

  5. Rahul Karnani on June 26, 2014 at 11:23 AM said:


    I am targeting 5-6 colleges(almost shortlisted) for R1 this year. I request you to get in touch so that I can forward you my resume and list of colleges.

    Profile brief: GMAT: 710, 3+ years experience in analytics(as of today), currently working as senior analyst @ Dunnhumby, performance based awards in both companies I worked for. I am mechanical engineering graduate.


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