MBA Application (Essay, Reco, Resume, SOP, Other Elements) Consulting And Editing Policy

This section attempts to bring in transparency in the way we and consult you and  collaborate with you. Your Trust and Victory is of Paramount Importance  and hence this section.

Our “Marketing You” Consulting methodology 


As your “Branding/Marketing For Top League MBA Admissions” consultants, we follow the following personalized stages of arriving at optimal, unique and high-impact  essays for your specific case

  • Brainstorming on a given document to arrive at an interesting, logical structure and content  for your draft. Relevant Samples are supplied.
  • Once an initial draft is received from you, we assess all the content in it
  • We may further brainstorm with you for a revised draft – This is to ensure that we capture the uniqueness of your profile.
  • 70% of our cases usually do not have to go beyond 2 drafts
  • The final draft is then edited by us towards readiness. We definitely explain all-changes made to your draft to ensure you are fully aware of the reasons for the change. Should you want one revision, the same can be possible too
  • In a nutshell – we will ensure that we present a balanced document – neither an “under-sale” nor an “overboard aggressive pitch” (neither of them are in your interests)
  1. Resume/profiling: For this document, we work with you towards arriving at the top business/organizational achievements, pull out more and more of accomplishments that you may not have had the time to log-on and other master details. We then structure  and edit it to build a compact B-school resume. Samples are always provided prior to brainstorming
  2. Essays: Essays form the “core” marketing collateral and “operating methodology” details the same for each topic. We, at times, discuss more than 2 essays at a time but never above 4.  MBA Essay samples are (almost) always provided
  3. Recommendation Letters: These stand testimony to your pitch in 1. and 2. above. Hence a careful but relatively accelerated approach to MBA recos is followed. (since this is the last stage of documentation and we already have a “log” of the case)
  4. MBA Admissions Interview Training: “Writing once is equivalient to reading 10 times”. Thus we discourage any of our consultants from “first supply of answer points/any form of rote” – We insist that every candidate arrives at his/her key points in discussion with us – mails a draft – which is then edited/added-to by us. This is the only approach that has ensured 70% ++ success rate of our interview training.
  5. Turnaround time for your finalized draft – be it the resume, essay or recommendation  – is typically is 1-2 working days.  However if you supply more than one draft, we will still edit it within the same time-frame. We prefer to edit more than one essay at one time since all the topics are related. Complex, non-standard pitch documents such as video uploads or presentation on “introducing yourself to your class” and the like may take higher-than-average time to be edited.

To your success,

The M.a.G  Team

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  1. Rishabh Mathur on October 29, 2013 at 8:29 AM said:

    MBA Admission Gurus Team,

    I am interested in availing your MBA Application program for Round 2 Applications for 1 Business School. It would be great if you can share the cost structure and deadlines for starting the program.


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