Statement of Purpose (SOP) Samples For MBA Admission

SOP Sample I – MBA with Marketing Specialization

It often happens that the very best of our capabilities and inner strengths are tested and brought to light when we willingly take on challenges. Ever since my childhood, I was taught that whenever a problem arises towards achieving a goal, I have two clear choices – to back out of goal-plans or to take it on as a challenge, solve it and seize the opportunity to be in charge of my destiny. I have always chosen the later.  Read more of this Sample Marketing MBA SOP

SOP Sample II – General MBA

I learnt the core values of focus, perseverance and patience at a very early stage of my life. My father who is a patient, disciplined and determined individual, would spend countless number of hours in his endeavor to purchase a residential property in the nascent economic times of 1985 in India. His success in buying our dream home and at a “value-for-money” motivated me to follow his ideals. A few years later, it was this belief that led me to major success in organizing a cultural/religious event in our sprawling locality. After convincing nearly 10 of my friends staying nearby, I went on to solve problems in the other two areas of concern – lack of funds and unwillingness of the community towards contributing to the event. Beyond the schooling and study hours, I led the team towards garnering contributions from more than 100 households in the locality. Slowly and gradually, and over a 2 month period, we had crossed our targeted revenue collection. The event was a mega-success and established the trend for similar cohesive celebrations and the foundation for the “Cultural events committee” in the residential complex. Read More of this Sample General MBA SOP

SOP Sample III MBA Banking and Finance

I realized my prime source of motivation at a very early stage in life – the satisfaction that comes after determinedly facing challenges and emerging victorious. Be it cricket match against a stronger team or a highly trained tennis player or a complicated puzzle, I would never give up till the goal of winning was achieved. Read More of this Sample MBA Banking and Finance SOP

SOP Sample IV – MBA with Finance Specialization

It often happens that the very best of our competencies and strengths are brought to action when we willingly take on challenges. Right from my childhood, my parents taught me that whenever we face obstacles towards achieving a goal, there only two clear choices (1) to back out of goal-plans and stay in the comfort zone of being “reasonable” or (2) to take it on as a challenge, solve it and seize the opportunity to be in charge of destiny. I have always chosen the later. Read More of this Sample MBA-Finance SOP

SOP Sample V – Executive MBA with Entrepreneurship specialization

As a 13-year-old, I realized my passion for adventure when I crossed the Atlantic Ocean (a 400-mile single lap journey) on a small coastal freighter (1). Over time this passion was channelized through entrepreneurship. My first company “did roaring business” for ##-years providing in-vogue sunglasses at ABC college and funded most of my college tuition. Read More of this Sample MBA in Entrepreneurship SOP

SOP Sample VI – MBA with Supply Chain Management specialization

Early-on, as a teenager, I would accompany my father (Partner, ABC Corporation) during various factory visits. His liberal encouragement towards relating to a variety of personnel and learning about operations made me realize my passion for improvising manufacturing “business systems”. Read More of this Sample MBA-Supply chain management SOP

161 Thoughts on “Statement of Purpose (SOP) Samples For MBA Admission

  1. Marina Godunova on May 13, 2015 at 5:00 PM said:


    I came across this website and was really pleased to find the brilliant advise. I am applying for an MBA in international business and am looking for some innovative ideas for my MBA letter of intent.

    Please advise..


  2. Rodwick on May 11, 2015 at 10:59 PM said:

    I am applying for MBA. Since my undergraduation is in Human Resources Management degree at bachelors level, I want to concentrate on that area. Till date, I have 4 yrs of experience working for the Government as Human Resources Officer.

    Can you please help me to write an outstanding statement responding to essay question: How do you plan to make an impact in your country?

    I would appreciate your response.


    • Hi there Rodwick,

      Thanks for the post. This is an interesting topic for a MBA SOP focussed on Human resources specialty. We will be responding to you via email shortly.

      Overall, our sample MBA SOPS across various business specializations (And applicant backgrounds) will give you some idea of the structure. The rest we will discuss with you via email…


  3. Barbara on April 22, 2015 at 12:46 AM said:

    Hello MBA Admission Gurus,
    Thank you for the Sample MBA Personal Statements (SOPs)

    I am applying for a scholarship towards an MBA. I realize the importance of having a very focused and well-articulated MBA admission personal Statement. Since my career goals are more towards non-profit or social service organization management, I wanted to add relevant points on how I could aid the development of my country post-MBA.

    Could you please assist me in this.

    Thank you,

  4. Chintan Shah on April 20, 2015 at 6:50 PM said:

    Dear MBA Admission Gurus.

    I am currently working in the technology industry and am planning an MBA in finance and allied areas in the finance domain (maybe some electives in Financial Engineering, Private Equity and Equity Research).

    Please guide me.

    Chintan Shah

    • Thanks for the post, Chintan. Do have a look at the sample MBA SOP for Finance and allied fields. This will give you some idea on the thought flow and overall personal statement structure. For more customized assistance, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help. Cheers! David Fernandez

    • Greetings Barbara,

      Thanks for the post. This is an interesting question. There are 2-3 functions/specializations of business/MBA that you can explicitly leverage (or rather explicitly stand out). As an operations major, you can leverage the learning from the MBA to drive more efficient processes in such organizations. As a finance major, you could help them design and implement most “ROI- driven” investments and even reduce the “cost of capital”. As a marketer, you can help them reach the right audience that has the keenness to contribute through Donations or Kind…

      Further you can mention core financial data of your country: GDP, industrial growth, population demographics, emerging industries and the like. It will be a good idea to use very trusted sources for the data and reference these as footnotes in your MBA personal statement. This approach really represents professionalism…

      Hope this helps.

  5. Ton Bui on March 17, 2015 at 1:03 AM said:


    I am planning to apply for MBA in pharmaceutical management. Since SOP and Study Objectives are important to me to apply for the program, Could you please help me with some samples?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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